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 Activating your membership first

  1. To start booking your training sessions online, please ensure that you have an active standard membership from the club. This membership is 20 SGD biannually and used for administration of the club such as accounting system, website, etc. 

  2. You will be required to sign up a physical form and make payment in person (Cash/PayLah/PayNow) before club admin can activate your account. 

  3. After it's done, you can refresh this page and you should see "Members Only" appear on the top menu.  Select "Online Bookings" on the dropdown menu to access the online booking service.

  4. To make your online booking experience easier, please register and log in separately on the booking system itself.

Types of sessions and different price tiers

  • There are mainly two types of purchases: Single Session and Monthly Bundles. Monthly Bundles allows you to redeem multiple session for that particular month.

  • On top of that, there are two price tiers: "Beginner" is for people who are in groups A, B, K, and "Regular" is for people who have cleared internal Shinsa.

  • Most of the appointments can be booked 3 months in advance, so make you double-check the date before making a reservation. Rescheduling and refunding are currently not available.

Purchasing a single session

  • You can book one session at a time by selecting one of the Single Session categories and then its corresponding month/day of the week.  For example, "Beginner Single Session" > "Beginner February Weekday Session". A calendar should appear showing what are the available training dates.

  • Finally, click on the date > "Confirm" > Fill in your particulars to complete your booking.

  • If you are using online payment (credit cards or PayPal), you must pay for the sessions in full as part of the check out process. Otherwise, you can just complete the checkout indicating Cash payment. See below for information on how to pay offline or in cash.



Purchasing monthly bundles

  • If you are attending the entire month, please buy from the "Monthly Bundles" instead. After purchasing one, you must continue to schedule all available individual sessions.

  • You may choose to redeem your sessions another but take note that each bundle has 60 days expiry. And you are required to enter your "Code" or "Email" next time you log in.


Paying offline or in cash

  • All offline payments (including cash, PayLah, PayNow) must be made on the same day so that your reservation can be confirmed. 

  • You will receive an updated invoice upon your successful payment.

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