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Q: What can I expect from learning Kyudo?

A: Kyudo is a martial art that focuses on personal development. It is a path that is best taken slow (even our shooting is slow) and long. If you enjoy a quiet martial art that allows you to focus on improving yourself, Kyudo might be for you. Throughout your journey, there will be opportunities for you to meet like-minded people around the world and participate in international Kyudo events.

Q: How do I start practicing Kyudo in Singapore? 

A: If you're new to the martial art, please head to our 'Try Kyudo' page for more information. If you're a Kyudo practitioner, please fill up the form on the same page. 

Q: What are the differences between traditional Japanese archery and Western archery?

A: Recurve Archery is a Olympic style archery format that focuses on competitions like most major sports. Kyudo is a meditative martial art discipline.


Q: Is Kyudo expensive?

A: Kyudo equipment can be pricey but there are plenty of options which still can last you for a long time. Furthermore, purchases are mostly driven by the speed of your progress. Most members are only encouraged to start buying only after 3 months which includes kake (glove) and dougi/hakama (uniform). Kake typically costs from 175 SGD +++ and dougi/hakama costs around 100 SGD++ from online Kyudo stores (Japan). As for bow/arrows, we will try our best to loan to individuals until they are ready to purchase one for themselves.


Q: Are there any age and gender restrictions?

A: There is no gender restriction in Kyudo. The only distinction is a difference in uniform between men and women. There may be varying age restrictions for various Kyudo groups around the world; here in Singapore, our club accepts a minimum age of 16 years old.


Q: Does Singapore Kyudo hold examinations for grading in Singapore?

A: When you complete and graduate from our course, it means that we have prepared you for the official IKYF (International Kyudo Federation} grading exam. The IKYF grading exam is held once a year at different venues around the world. No IKYF grading exams are currently being held here in Singapore. We will not send anyone from the club who has not graduated from our course.

Q: How long does it take to finish the course and be ready for the IKYF grading exam?

A: It all depends on the individual and time spent on training. Our members currently range from as fast as 6 months up to 18 months; the average range  being about 10 to 12 months.

Q: Can I do Kyudo even though I am left-handed?

A: Yes, Kyudo archery is only practiced right-handed. By tradition, the higher position, where the judges, VIP, special guests, sensei (Kyudo Coach) or senior members sit to watch the archers, is only on the right side of the dojo. Therefore, the archers must be facing the right side when standing at the shooting line. We have left-handed members who have no issues learning how to use the bow right-handed. Being left handed is actually an advantage.

Q: Will prescription spectacles be an issue?
A: Wearing spectacles will not be a problem.

Q: Can I wear jewellery and my watch?
To observe proper Kyudo etiquette and culture, a practitoner should not be wearing additional items other than the uniform and equipment. Also, due the physical nature of kyudo, wearing jewellery and watches can be dangerous. Therefore, you must remove these items before you start class. This would include necklaces, earrings, rings and jewellery fastened to any external body parts. If for some physical reason, you are unable to remove them, please show the instructor before the start of the class.

Q: Are there rules and procedures that should be followed?

A: Yes, there are club rules and procedures to follow, which will be communicated to you when you start.


Q: Can I just come by and watch a class?

A: Yes. Please arrange with us for an appointment. Please note that you will only be observing and not be able to participate. No photos or videos maybe taken either to respect the privacy of our members.

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